TeamMedics History



TeamMedics was formed in the early part of 2006 by four friends who decided to start a squad run along a strong ethos of camaraderie and non cheating. Each founder member brought different skills to the team and it was recognised that as new members joined they also would bring new skills and talents and these also would be used for the collective good of the squad. Soon after starting TeamMedics we brought up our first server both for ourselves to play in and also for other like minded persons to play in. This was and is situated in the home of one of the founders and our voice circuit was also situated there. A few short weeks after this our second server went on line situated again in the home of one of the founders. It should be noted at this point that the founding members are currently the command staff. A purpose built (albeit at extreme low cost) voice server was built and the initial voice circuit was kept as our back up this enabled the various servers to be split between the members and individual band width and therefore cost was kept down. A month after starting the squad our forum and squad home page was set up at and people who played in our servers were asked to come and visit. Quite a few of those who played in our servers were those we knew from playing before TeamMedics were formed and those were quickly asked if they would like to join the squad. From this nucleus we have gradually grown, the requirements for joining the squad have never been performance related but more along the lines of does this person fit with the ideals of the squad and does he/she (TeamMedics is an equal opportunities recruiter) have some ability that would help the squad. The result is that we are more a large family than a formal squad. TeamMedics has a high regard for other squads and operates a policy of only recruiting from within its own servers. We are more than happy to help other squads with any problems that it is within our power to help with. Perhaps our abilities are not as great as those of larger teams but we try to share what we have. We still hold to our original ideals of camaraderie and non cheating. What does TeamMedics have planned for the future, well work is underway on a server capable of running joint ops and we hope to have that up and running full time in the near future. Also a DFX server is planned and this is also hoped to be up and running shortly. We have been known to play and host the odd team deathmatch and despite getting kicked, knifed and shot are either brave enough or foolish enough to come back for more. We are not so proud that we can not learn from other squads nor so aloof that we wont help other squads.